Yesterday I went to a new girl. Her mum had been in touch before the pandemic but then I hadn’t heard from her again until last week.

She got in touch initially because I had been recommended by a dad of another girl I work with. When I first met the initial family, the dad had given me a 2- hour grilling on how I do things and why. He had not seemed convinced.

Yet this new mum says he raves about what we do to everyone.

She also wanted to let me know that she had passed my name on to 3 of her friends (this was before actually having any lessons with her daughter).

Yesterday I was listening to a training module which had to be delayed from a course I recently took. The guest speaker (Cathy Heller) was saying how she had been talking to a friend.

This friend was a founding member of staff at Facebook and then at Apple. Over the pandemic she has raised millions of pounds for women in business. The point of the conversation was that they knew these were businesses were going to be successes because for (in the case of Facebook) each person that used it would use it, would then speak to 1.3 people about it. (We’ll say 2 for easy reckoning).

She then related this to the Pandemic. Doctors worry that if each person that passed the virus on to 2 people, this virus is going to spread across the world and effect many, many people.

This was then related back to your own business. In our case tutoring.

If you don’t feel ready start your business as a tutor yet, that’s fine. But do you feel capable of helping just one person?

Yes possibly?

What if this person then tells someone else and they start being tutored by you, your business has just doubled in size? Each of these people tell just 1 person…

The business you didn’t feel capable of starting could be a huge success, just because you found the confidence in helping just one person.

Could you do that?

If there is something stopping you, let me know. It could be a question that I could answer for you from my experience. Sometimes once a problem has been shared it seems so much less intimidating.

I am here to help.

Today could you do something that would set you on the path to helping just one person?

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