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How are you?

Yesterday something happened that has not happened before. I was doing a lesson with a lad when his dad and said could we quickly pause the lesson, Santa was outside. The boy jumped down and vanished for a few moments whilst he went to see Santa.

He reappeared shortly later with a huge smile on his face.

I’ve just been listening to a blog about how someone took on an assistant to try and help them with their marketing. Her hopes were that by finding a full-time employee they would be able to help her take her business up a level.

They would love the business as much as she did, together they would be a dream team…

I’ve had these thoughts before and that was one of the reasons I decided to franchise the business to grow it. Because no one will ever love your business as much as you do.

As you grow your business you will work hard, you will laugh, cheer, cry.

It will take over so much of your life. You will think about it by day and by night. It will be your new best friend (and at times your worst enemy). But like a family member you will inevitably love it because it is what you have nurtured, what you have grown.

Having said that, if your business does get to the stage that you need help give them all the support that they need to thrive with you. In the same way that you want the students you work with to succeed, you want the people who work with you to flourish. Whether that’s helping you to put together a website, your marketing, your bookkeeping and accounts. Keep them in the loop, work as a team and remember why you took them on.

You will make mistakes with the people you get to work with you. For example, I asked someone to help me to revamp the website. He took 3 months working on one page. It was as if I’d employed someone to cut the grass, but their fascination was with trimming the roses. So, although the roses looked great, the grass and the main feature of the garden still looked overlooked. Like everything it’s a learning curve.

But enjoy it because although it might feel like you are taking 2 steps back, you are probably also taking 3 steps forward.

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