Dot to dot can help your child in so many ways.

3rd Day of Christmas

Use them to promote counting, hand writing, or sequencing the alphabet.


By following the numbers it can support your child in counting.

Obviously you can make it more challenging if you prefer and create a trail of numbers by using a variety of sequences such as the times-tables.

The numbers could be replaced by letters.

There are often parts of the alphabet that a child can stumble over. By using the alphabet in a dot to dot it gives the child the opportunity to start to recognise the order. If mistakes are made, they can often be quickly recognised when the image starts to look distorted.

Dot to dots can also support a child with their fine-motor skills and in turn their hand writing.

Like the mazes we considered on the first and second day of Christmas activities the skills and dexterity needed to complete a it will support your child in making the smooth lines and curves which as they become more refined will help children improve their handwriting skills.

Download dot to dots for free from any search engine.

Or if you have the artistic skills you can draw your own image. Place a blank piece of paper over the top and write your numbers/letters appropriately around the outer edge to create the activity.

Alternatively, you may choose to draw the image in pencil. Write the numbers/letters accordingly, then rub out the original drawing.

For other ideas for supporting your child this Christmas or throughout the year can be found over at our membership group – The Clara James Approach

The Clara James Approach is stacked full of resources for children from 5 to 11 years. These activities are designed to support your child in maths and English. There are also modules to support you in areas such as Dyslexia.

There’s a Facebook group to inspire and be inspired by others.

In addition, a monthly Q&A where we will answer any questions that you have on supporting your child.

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