A mentor I used to have always advised that we didn’t place all our eggs in one basket.

I mean in the respect of marketing.

Yesterday, I’m presuming you couldn’t help but notice, that Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp were all down for several hours.

If your usual evening routine is scrolling through social media, you were probably mildly disappointed by this.

However, if you were relying on one of these platforms to grow your business, this could be a real pain. Potentially the understatement of the year!

Imagine, it’s coming up to Halloween and you are doing a special tutoring event over the half -term/ Halloween to promote your tutoring business. You have spent days writing posts, taking photos, promoting this event on Facebook/ Instagram/ WhatsApp.

Now the platform has crashed. No one can see all the hard work that you’ve been putting in to promote your event.

Option 2:

You have been advertising on Facebook etc, but you have created an advert where you have requested that they click to find out more. Giving you their email address in the process. You add these to your email list which means you can keep in touch via email. In addition, you have been creating adverts using Pinterest, or Twitter, posters in your local village hall/ corner shop (depending on the type of event). You have put letters in the post to those whom you think might be interested.

Now, with so many options available where people might see your notices about your event, the fact that Facebook, etc has crashed is no longer such a big deal.

You can’t do everything well. No one can. But find one to focus on and be frequently present to help you to build your audience.

I think the best metaphor I can think of is. You might have a boyfriend / girlfriend (where you do the bulk of your marketing). But don’t block out your other friends because you never know when your new boyfriend/ girlfriend is going to let you down.

Like I say, remember don’t put all your eggs in one basket. If you drop that basket all you are left with is disappointment.

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