Does my child need an 11+ tutor?

Quite possibly not!

I quite appreciate there will be many people who disagree with my opinion. This is how I will justify my answer.

Only get a tutor for your child if they want to pass and it’s not just the dream of the parents.

There are many children who are quite indifferent about the secondary school they attend, for them staying with their friends is what is of importance to them.

The 11+ is designed to be difficult. It is designed to separate the children who can keep up with the pace set by grammar schools.
Passing the exam takes a lot of work and if the child’s heart isn’t in it, is it fair to put them under that pressure?

I know life isn’t fair.

When you tutor a child and they are not enthusiastic and wanting to put in the effort, you realise very quickly that they may not have the dedication it is going to take to pass. That same momentum will also be needed when they start the grammar school.

It is not a short term sprint, this is the beginning of a marathon!

Although you may have a tutor for a couple of hours a week on the lead up to the actual exam, it will still be necessary to put in a fair amount of time with your child yourself.

There are many activities as a parent you can do to support your child:

A wide range of books are available to purchase with sample exam questions.
Worksheets to familiarise your child with the type of questions they could encounter.

Playing games such as:” Sets” or Rummikub number will give your child practice in spotting sequences and problem solving.

Playing anagram games with scrabble letters is great for practising the verbal reasoning tasks.

Read together and talk about what you have read.

Play games where you are against the clock so that you get used to pressure that this adds.

Too much pressure put on the child’s shoulders by the parents is often detrimental.

It is often those children who are self motivated which do better.

Keep some of the resources you use a bit lighter hearted so that it helps relieve some of this pressure.

There is a long list of words that children are expected to have a sound knowledge of their meaning. Make them into pairs games, matching the term with its definition.

The 11+ is a huge commitment for both the child and the parents.

Whether you decide to get a tutor or not, I wish you and your child the best of luck with the 11+.

If you do decide you want to get an 11+ tutor, have a chat to us about 11+ tutoring.

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