Can you do it for any less?

Monday again, where do the weeks go!

A couple of months after I first started tutoring, I had a phone call from a family about 45 minutes from where I lived wanting a tutor for their son.

At that time, I just took the opportunity to tutor anyone who got in touch as I was desperate to grow the business. In hindsight that is probably a contradiction in terms.

I was charging £12/hour (all I felt I was worth) and they negotiated me down on price.

This lasted for about 3 months (it was supposed to be the 6-week summer holiday) but in the end I made excuses as to why I couldn’t keep going.

Was helping that family the worst business decision ever?

No, probably not.

They recommended a friend who happened to live just around the corner from me. I went on to tutor their 2 children over several years. They then recommended me to another friend whose 2 children I still tutor to this day.

That family has recently recommended me to another family that they know.

At the time it also gave me experience. When you start a business gaining experience is often one of the hardest parts. Even though I had worked in education for the previous 8 years and it was what I had a degree in, I still didn’t have any means to prove my worth as a tutor.

It’s a chicken and egg situation. You need the experience, but you won’t get that until you’ve had the work. You don’t get the work, until you’ve got the experience…

That’s often why it’s easier to team up with someone who already has an established reputation.

Yesterday the membership went live: The Clara James Tutor’s Group

I am confident that working with others is often one of the best methods to grow. A franchise or a brand associate may not be right for you right now. But checkout the membership group, it could be the place where you will find the support, confidence, and inspiration that you need to take your tutoring business onto the next level.

I’d love to see you there!

Clara James Tutor’s Group

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