Do I need a mentor to become a tutor?

The other day I was asked (indirectly) about why you would need a mentor to become a tutor. I was thinking about it when I was out with Snow this morning. She had caught the scent of something, so we were out slightly longer than she normally is.

There are three analogies I’ve heard used which probably best explain the benefits.

Firstly, if you wanted to learn a musical instrument, a trumpet for example, you might put the mouthpiece up to your lips and start blowing. You might be lucky and you might produce a noise. But I suspect it is going to take you far longer to achieve a tune to be proud of without the guidance of a music tutor who can show you the techniques and a quicker road to success.

If you are watching the Paralympics, the Olympics, or the Euro’s earlier this summer, you probably marvelled over the skills which these individuals possess. The dedication it must take to perform at the level at which they do. But I’m suspecting that each and everyone of them has a team of support behind them. Not one of them has achieved this level of ability without the support of coaches and other experts.

Thirdly, my youngest spoke the other day of having driving lessons now that she no longer lives in London. Imagine setting off on the open road and teaching yourself to drive as you went. The carnage! When it comes to learning to drive you instinctively (I predict) look for a driving instructor to teach you how.

Yet when it comes to starting a business, something that has the power to change your life, people want to go it alone.

I’ve just finished reading “You are a Badass” by Jen Sincero. This is one of her concluding paragraphs:

Getting some coaching is perhaps the fastest and best thing you can do to make a massive change in the shortest amount of time. I’m not, and I am, just saying this because I’m a coach and have watched my clients do the impossible. I’m also saying it because I’ve been coached within an inch of my life and know how it’s radically changed my world…”

(Great book and I highly recommend it).

Think about it, could a mentor help you?

A mentor could come in many shapes and sizes. You may decide to read about those people you admire. Watch YouTube clips, listen to podcasts and audio books.

Read and learn more informative business books which are relevant to tutoring and starting a business.

Attend courses to increase your knowledge.

Get a one-to-one mentor to support you in growing your own tutoring business in a way that is uniquely best for you. (Read more about becoming a Clara James Brand Associate)

Or maybe join a membership group where you will have the support of others to help you take your business to the next level. On the 12th September we will be opening the Clara James Tutor’s Group.

Each month there will be a new bundle of training to help you to grow your business.

A Facebook group where you can share ideas, celebrations, and ask questions of those travelling a similar path to your own.

Additionally, a monthly co-working call which will also offer you the opportunity to ask me any questions that you might have about tutoring.

Interested to find out more?

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