The power of confident learners and the confidence in learning.
Creating confident learners is something I feel passionate about.

I believe that confidence is as important as learning the knowledge!

Big claim.

If we can encourage our children to feel confident in their abilities they will be more willing to have a go. The more willing they are to have a go. The more practice they get. With more practice comes more ability.

Ability breeds confidence and enthusiasm.

Slowly this becomes a positive spiral and as your children become more confident learners. The knowledge will start to fall into place naturally.

Over the years, I have also learned that by providing a variety of resources we are also supporting our children in creating multiple memories.

If our child is sat in a situation where they aren’t thinking straight, for an example an exam, more memories help. The more places their brain has to go to where it can find the information that they need, the easier it is to recall.

It is no longer there somewhere. On the tip of their tongue…

This is explained in more detail in the audio link above.

I hope it makes sense, any questions do get in touch:

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