Comprehension is the ability to read a piece of text and then answer relevant questions on it.


Word searches are a block of random letters with words hidden within.


How can a word search complement something that is so totally different?


When carrying out a comprehension task you generally read the piece of text through before completing any questions. This means that you don’t respond to something out of context.


Having read the text through the first time, it is often necessary to scan the text again to relocate the information to a specific question.

Carrying out word searches complements this scanning.


Word searches train the eye to look for specific key words and ignore those that are not relevant.


Benefits of word searches can also include assisting with spellings, finding a term that relates to a definition instead of a prescribed word.

I often also use word searches to support hand writing.

Draw grid out for each other and agree on the terms which are to be written inside. You then place the words within the grid and fill the other squares with random letters. In order for the other person to be able to find the words you need to complete the letters in a form that is legible for the other person to decipher. With practice, this can help handwriting in a less formal manner.

It is possible to complete a word search just for the fun of it…

I hope this very short note, proves inspiring.

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