Clara James Tutoring strive to offer the best tailor made, one to one support for students in maths and English.

We work closely with children from reception right through to the end of GCSE’s. Including those with learning difficulties.

We are also here to help you to grow the tutoring business of your dreams.

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Our belief is that if you are relaxed you are more susceptible to learning. A one style suits all approach doesn’t work for most people. We are all individuals, and our responsibility is to embrace that.

Each time you do something we create a memory. If we do it twice, we make that memory stronger. But our brain still only has one place to go to where it can find the information that it needs. Do a second or multiple resources/ activities you are giving your brain multiple places to find the information that it needs. Making recalling the information easy.

Clara James Tutoring are huge advocates for creative learning. Making it enjoyable. Tailoring it to the needs of the individual.

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If you are looking for support in math or English or in building your own tutoring business, get in touch. We are here to help: 01296 381665
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