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Who are we and how can we help you?

Hi, and thank you for coming by. This is the home of Clara James Tutoring, probably the number 1 bespoke tutoring company, that recognises each student you work with is an individual and a one style suits all approach to learning doesn’t work…

Our mission is all about helping you to build a successful tutoring business of your own.

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To help you create and build a business that you are proud of with the rewards that you aspire to. It won’t be easy, but anything worth achieving never is. No matter what your starting point, whether you have a background in education but need support with the business aspect of tutoring, or vice versa, we’re here to help you. Regardless of whether you are looking to earn a bit of extra cash on the side or create the business of your dreams, we’ve got you covered.

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6 ways we can help you

2 ½ day bespoke, online one to one training to help you get your business started.

Start a tutoring business with our 2.5 day bespoke to you training course

This will be tailor made to the support that you need, but we can consider:

Who do you want to tutor?

Creating a lesson plan?

Finding students (creating Facebook ads and Google My Business)

Finding and creating resources

Carrying out the lesson

Getting feedback and testimonials to help your business grow

Here is an overview of what you can expect

A page on our website to help you to promote your business,

saving you the expense of building and promoting your own website.

We will provide you with a branded “Tutor’s Pack” and 3 branded student’s packs.

When you first arrive with a student, you need to appear prepared and professional. Being able to provide the students with everything they will need for the lessons, will help you to create this impression. It also helps to knock down any barriers the child may have put in place about having to have a tutor (I have found it is normally the parent that wants the child to have the tutor, rather than vice versa…)

Become a member of the Clara James Tutoring family

Use the Clara James Brand Associate branding

You will also be given use of the branding: In Association with Clara James Tutoring. Many families like the knowledge that you are a part of a reputable company with a strong reputation for going above and beyond.

Then as you start to grow your business you will receive the

bi-monthly newsletter through your letterbox.

Packed with nuggets of help to support you in building a successful tutoring business
Tutoring mentor

Possibly, most importantly of all are our fortnightly one to one mentoring calls.

This is your time to ask any questions that you have: how to support a child with…, who…, non-payments, what resources do you suggest for…, a child you are concerned about because of…, would … be a sensible marketing idea, to name but a few. The potential questions you will come across as a tutor are far more extensive that you could ever imagine.

I think that’s something I never realised when I started the business back in 2012, how isolated I would sometimes feel, with no one to turn to for help. I could speak to people in different sectors and although they could sympathise, they couldn’t empathise, and they didn’t really have a clue what to suggest.

People would make suggestions about marketing, but what works for a plumber may not work for a tutor. What works for an established business, may not work for the new kid on the block. I had no-one to turn to for help and I think although you may question its value, it is the one thing you will come to value most.

I’ve had a mentor for the past 4 years and the business has transformed so much in that time, it is now unrecognisable.

Feedback for Clara James Tutoring from Ramesh
Such kind words so many years after her daughter finished her exams

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So, what is the investment for this?

The investment is just £995 with no VAT

The on-going fee is just £150/month (no Vat) which is £100 less than the franchise monthly fee. Any training days offered to the franchisees will be available to you at a heavily subsided price. You will also get access to the annual awards and nothing helps a business more than acknowledgement of your achievements. Some people seem to value those more than referrals and testimonials!

Strange but true…

Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions.

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Interested in becoming a Clara James Tutoring Brand Associate? To find out more CLICK HERE

I’m Dawn Strachan

Founder of the Clara James Brand Associates

I started Clara James Tutoring back in 2012, with no business knowledge just an extensive background in education. I had worked with adults and children, mainstream and those who struggled because of specific learning difficulties.

Tutoring was only ever meant to be something that would provide a bit of additional income, but within 6 months it became a fulltime commitment and within 18 months I was trying to find tutors to support me.

It has been a long and varied journey to the point where I am now. There have been many mistakes along the way, but I’m proud of them because each one has made me stronger and given me the opportunity to learn. I’ve studied hard, listened to the advice of many and acknowledged my weaknesses so that I could create the best business I possibly could.

In the past few years, we have regularly been nominated as finalists in National Entrepreneurial Awards.

Get the recognition for the hard work you put in

The foundations of the business were built upon the belief that everyone is different, the support each person needs is unique. I intend carrying that philosophy through to everyone who is associated with the business: students, tutors, Brand Ambassadors and Franchisees.

Another amazing benefit of becoming a Brand Ambassador is that each time you attend a training event we provide, reach certain business milestones, win an award, etc. you will receive credits towards the cost of a full franchise. So, if intime to come, you decide that is the road for you the franchise investment will have been heavily subsidised by the business you have created as a Brand Ambassador.


If you follow our systems and advice, taking full support of what we offer and you haven’t managed to get your business up and running within 6 months you will receive every penny of your initial investment back removing all financial risk.

I can offer this guarantee because I know our systems work. It’s worked for me since 2012.

Starting a business isn’t easy, I don’t want you to think it is. If it was, everyone would do it. But it can be a whole lot easier with the support of someone who has been there and done it before you. From someone who has made mistakes and learned from them. Someone who, as they say, has worn the t-shirt.

If you think this is the support that you want/ need to get your tutoring business off to its best possible start, get in touch.

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I will always do my best to help.