Looking for creative ideas to help your child with math and English?

Not looking for worksheets and text books, but things they will enjoy and be inspired by. Activities that are creative and imaginative?

Read on and learn more about the Clara James Approach.

What is the Clara James Approach and how can we help you?

Supporting you with supporting your child in math and English

Hi, and thank you for coming by. This is the home of the Clara James Approach. Probably the number 1 company for recognising each child you is an individual and a one style suits all approach to learning doesn’t work. Learning needs to be imaginative, engaging, and inspiring.

Our mission is to provide you with resources that will inspire children in Key stage 1 and key stage 2 to develop a love for Math and English.

help your child to find a love of math and English

To help you create and grow a love of Math and English in your children that they can take with them through life. As parents, we love spending time with our children. Maybe we are supporting them at home because we enjoy it, because we home school them or because we want to give them some extra support. Often coming up with ideas is the tricky part, but that’s the bit I love and we’re here to help you. We’ve got you covered.

3 ways we can help you

Clara James Approach Math resources.

Inspire your child with math

Every month we will give you a bundle of resources focused on a specific topic. So in December 2020, we provided resources based around Christmas.

In January 2021 the theme is negative numbers. Each of the activities will focused on the theme of winter and polar animals. By attaching them to something concrete it makes it easier to explain. More concrete, offering something to relate to.

The math activities will revolve around games rather than work sheets.

The Clara James Approach English Activities

Then, in addition we will provide you with a selection of English resources each month related to the same theme. So, in January 2021 the tasks might be a word search, pairs, bingo, writing a poem, which again revolve around the idea of winter and polar animals.

Grow a love of English with The Clara James Approach

The Clara James Approach Creative Activities.

Inspire your child with the Clara James Approach

These are my favourite activities. Not only are they possibly the most enjoyable, they will also support children in improving their fine motor skills which in many cases will complement their hand writing.

So, using January again as an example, we will create finger print snowmen, puppets, kitchen roll tube snowmen.


Creativity also supports:

  • language development,
  • spatial awareness,
  • it allows the child to look at things from a more holistic approach,
  • It’s great for reducing stress and anxiety
  • It’s multi- sensory which allows us to create more memories making the activity easier to remember and recall the information when needed.

So, what does it cost to join the Clara James Approach?

As a founding member of the Clara James Approach, you can join us for just £12/month!

There’s no contract so you can leave us at any time if you decide it’s not for you.

Be inspired by the Clara James Approach for just £12/month

Join the Clara James Approach HERE


Founder of the Clara James Brand Associates

I started Clara James Tutoring back in 2012, with no business knowledge just an extensive background in education. When I first started my journey in childcare and education I took a voluntary role in the playgroup my 3 children attended whilst I studied for my Diploma in Preschool Practice. I then decided to continue the journey and carried out a degree in childcare and education. Over the coming years I worked with adults and children, mainstream and those who struggled because of specific learning difficulties.

My 3 children, Clara, Jamie and Angel are all in their 20’s now (Clara is expecting her first child in March). But when they were young, it was commented upon that everything I ever did with them had to be educational. It wasn’t intended, I just enjoyed it. I enjoyed building houses out of cardboard boxes, reading books together, colouring pictures, adding the numbers together on car number plates, cooking, playing eye spy. I loved every moment I had with my children.

In the past few years, we have regularly been nominated as finalists in National Entrepreneurial Awards for the tutoring business. But I know not everyone wants a tutor, some people want inspiration, and my aim is to give you that inspiration through the Clara James Approach.

If you think this is for you, click on the link below:


email: info@clarajamestutoring.co.uk
Pairs game from the January bundle
Sample resources from January
Sample resources for Clara James Approach
Sample images of the December bundle