Do you ever think about how those insignificant events can turn into life-changing milestones?

A few years ago, back in my early days of tutoring I went to a home with a young girl. Not long after I arrived the mum popped her head around the door and said she was off out for dinner, but the dad was in.

Her going out for dinner with those friends probably changed the success of the business that night.

If being in the right place at the right time, really is a thing. Then that night I was in the right place at the right time.

When I had arrived at their house I had parked on their drive as I always do. I had my magnets on the side of the car with a short but simple message: Starr Tutoring- great tutors in maths and English. Call… or something along those lines. (This was before we changed the company name for the trademark).

The next morning the phone rang. Friend number 1. Could I help her son with his GCSE maths? We had a chat and a few days later I was pulling up outside their home ready to start supporting their son.

Shortly after I put the phone down from friend number 1, the phone rang again. This time, it was friend number 2. Could I help both her sons with their maths?

I’ve lost count now of the number of people that have been recommended by friend number 2. Then the recommendations which have come from the recommendations of those people.

The magnets probably cost me £30 for the pair.

Those car magnets have earned me thousands of pounds, literally!

Sometimes it is the small things that make the difference. I’m not denying when someone gets in touch, I do my absolute best to prove that we can do a great job and then carry this promise out.

If you want to grow your tutoring business, is there something simple that you could do that will help to tell the world that your business exists. It doesn’t need to be flash; it doesn’t need to be expensive. It just needs to be done.

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