Can I tutor without a degree?

You can be a tutor without a degree as most parents are guided by either experience, knowledge, or reputation.

The following explanations are what I have learned since I started employing tutors at Clara James Tutoring several years ago

Being a tutor without a degree but with experience:

Can I become a tutor with no degree but experience?

Over the past few years since I started employing tutors to work with me at Clara James Tutoring, some of the best tutors are those who work as teaching assistants. They have the experience of working with small groups of children or on a one-to-one basis. In addition, they have a good knowledge of the curriculum and can adapt activities so that the individual child can understand the task.

I’ve also had A’ level students work with me who have been amazing. They know the curriculum because they have recently studied it themselves. A’ level students can also provide revision techniques that they have recently tried and tested for themselves. They can emphasise with the pressures that students go through with exams looming on the horizon. In addition, being a similar age to the student can often make them feel more relaxed. The relationship is more like peer learning, or learning from a more-knowledgeable other, which is often promoted in teaching (Lev Vygotsky’s Sociocultural theory).

Care professionals also make efficient tutors as they generally have a calm, caring personality. Character, the ability to build a relationship and to share their knowledge with the student are often key qualities of being a tutor.

Being a tutor without a degree but with knowledge:

Can I become a tutor if I don't have a degree but I have a lot of knowledge about a subject?

A lifetime passion for a subject will often provide you with the knowledge needed to promote yourself as a tutor. When you write your profile, you will need to show your passion and your knowledge. Explain how your passion has inspired your desire to share your knowledge with others. Think about who you will be working with and write in a tone and language which will appeal to them. Explain your story, where your passion has grown from and the journey of where it has taken you over the years.

Become a tutor with a strong reputation:

Can I become a tutor with no degree?

Ahh! This can be a chicken and egg situation. You can’t build the reputation until you have the experience but getting the experience without the reputation is the ultimate challenge.

There are ways of getting around this.

Work for a company that already has an established reputation and will vouch for your abilities.

Carry out smaller training courses so that you can show your commitment and knowledge. Some companies offer specific training on becoming a tutor which would show your dedication and your ability to not only share your knowledge, but also how to plan and present a lesson. Knowledge of learning styles and resources. Courses and support like this will also be beneficial in getting your company off to a successful start if they support you in categories such as marketing and growing your business as well.

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