Can you run a tutoring franchise from home?

As the world becomes increasingly virtual with the increasing onset of Covid, it is becoming more accepted, maybe even more expected that the lessons will take place online.

So in answer to the question, you I run my tutoring franchise from home:

Yes, it definitely can.

You may find that some of the children you work with cope better with one to one lessons in their own home because of a specific learning difficulty. Or, some parents may prefer to pay extra and ask you to carry out lessons in the comfort of their own home. If you do, then like I say, you would earn more per hour for these ones than you do as a Zoom call.

Another option maybe that you may decide that your role within the franchise is purely to grow a successful business and get other people in to do the tutoring.

If doing zoom lessons is the route you decide to take, then preparation and everything will be done at home on your computer, which saves you a lot of money in renting an establishment. If you decided to go into a tutoring franchise that was based in a center, you would obviously need to pay for the premises.

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