What should you charge? A difficult answer to give…

On Tuesday we had the “Plan 2022” workshop and apart from the fact I forgot to press record, it went well. I’ll rerecord it later this week and pop it into the membership group along with the worksheet for anyone who wants to access it.

One of the first things that people often ask when starting their tutoring business is what should I charge?

That question is nearly impossible for anyone else to answer. They can offer you guidance, but for each situation there are so many variables.

Do you do group lessons or one-to-one lessons?

Are they online, in a central setting, in your home, in theirs?

Do you want to support low-income families or specialise in high end tutoring for affluent families? Maybe neither.

What expenses will you incur?

How do you value your time? It could be that if you can support home-school children during the day when your family are at school/work these sessions will be cheaper. However, if you need to leave your own children /family you might want to charge a premium (eg. Evenings and weekends).

It might be like me that your family have grown up and left home so it doesn’t make any difference to you what times you work.

Are you going to charge more for travel? If so, how will you calculate this?

So, how do get around this?


Know your numbers!

Know what you need to earn and how many hours you can work. Then consider what your expenses will be. From here you are in a better place to consider what you should charge, rather than thinking of a number that sounds reasonable or (even worse) someone else thinks is reasonable and using that as your benchmark.

I hope this is helpful, any questions, please do ask. If you want to access the “Plan your tutoring business for 2022” here is the link to join the membership group.



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