As a tutor, how do you stand out?

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Over the past few years, tutoring has become increasingly popular. Both from those who want to tutor and those who want tutors to support their children.

But as a tutor, what can you do to make yourself stand out from the crowd? What makes you different from everyone else?

For me it was easy. My background and experience, naivety and inexperience worked to my advantage.

With a background in early years and special needs, I thought everyone taught by using varied activities and in the child’s own home. To me that seemed logical, keep the lesson varied, interesting and do what you can to help the parents. (I won’t expand on that now, as I do so in many other articles that I’ve written).

Our old window cleaner used to pride himself that you could guarantee that he would turn up 4 weeks apart. Same day, same time.

Other tutors pride themselves on working with Oxbridge candidates and will not only support them with their academic grades but also the entry process into these elite universities.

Some stand out because of their own personal qualifications and experience. But if this is you, make sure that you are portraying to the parents how your experience will assist their child. You are not just stating it to brag.

Sadly, some will stand out for all the wrong reasons…

A lady whom I knew briefly would completely forget she was supposed to have a lesson and just not turn up.

Another lady I knew, would go in with such an authoritative manner that the child she was working with would end in tears.

Inevitably as your business grows, so will your reputation. People will no doubt speak of you. What will if be that becomes your reputation. As a tutor, what will it be that people are saying after you have left?

What will it be that you do to ensure that you stand out as a tutor?

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