An online forum that promised the earth.

I had completely forgotten about it until I spoke to someone the other day. When I first got into tutoring a company got in touch and spoke to me about the platform they were creating.

To use their software would cost about £1800 up front then a percentage of what you received for each lesson.

You would need to go online each week at a certain day/time and present a lesson. If anyone was interested, they could pop into your lesson for free, then sign up for additional lessons if required.

And I swallowed their sales pitch hook, line, and sinker.

Every week at 6 o’clock I would take myself upstairs and sit in great anticipation with the hope that someone might sign on.

Week after week I did this. Week after week nothing happened. In the end I broke my contract and left. That must have been when I first put my profile out as a one-to-one tutor doing face to face lessons. I could state who I was, what I did and why I held the beliefs about education that I did.

That was when things changed and the business I started to provide some extra weekly income for my kids and I, took off and developed a life of it’s own.

I googled the company before writing this and they had no online presence apart from a Facebook page, but that hadn’t been active since 2017.

So, I’m guessing I wasn’t the only person it hadn’t worked for.

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