12 days of Christmas – snowflakes

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Waking up to snow again this morning, starting the 12 days of Christmas with paper snowflakes seems topical and right.

Although they may not seem immediately related to maths or English, the fine motor skills needed to make them are the focus here.

Many children who struggle with handwriting (though not all) may still have immature fine motor skills. The dexterity needed to be able to form neat and legitimate handwriting. So, activities such as this which involve cutting are an ideal way to practice them in a fun and varied method.

Step 1:

You will need a square or circle of white paper.

Step 2:

Fold your piece of paper in half. Repeat this as many times as you deem sensible with your piece of paper – i.e., so that you can still cut through it but also make an interesting pattern.

You may choose to use this as an opportunity to talk about fractions and how each time you fold the piece of paper your number of pieces remain the same size but the number of them increases.

Step 3:

Draw a design along the edge of your shape. Make sure it doesn’t touch both sides or continually as this will involve the snowflake falling in half.

Step 4:

Cut the pattern out.

Step 5: Open your snowflakes and admire!

Once finished you might choose to stick your snowflakes to your windows or mirrors to mimic a snowfall. Stick them to pieces of coloured tissue paper as a stained -glass window. You may prefer to stick them to coloured paper and use them as place mats on your Christmas dinner table.

What ever you decide to do with them, I would love to see them. Over the run up to Christmas we will provide you with more ideas to share with your child. You will find them both here and in our membership group.

Have a great day and keep warm, Merry Christmas!

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