Will tutoring help my child?

Will tutoring help my child?

I think the honest answer to this is it depends on how it is done.

I also think tutoring is there to complement school or, if home-schooled the work done with their parents.

Let me give you an example.

I used to work with a lad (he was home-schooled) that was in his final year of school. To get onto the college course of his choice he needed to get at least a level 4 in Maths and English. I spent an hour a week with him working on these two subjects. He couldn’t be persuaded that he needed to spend more time outside this hour studying and revising himself.

So, tutoring for just an hour a week, will probably not help your child achieve their desired goals.

In addition, I also believe (this is my opinion obviously) that the teaching style needs to be conducive to the child’s learning style.

A tutor who doesn’t recognise the child’s personal level of ability (as well as their age) and solely lectures, relies on worksheets, plays games, etc may not reach your child’s interest and preferred method of learning.

The best tutors will use a wide range of resources, not just to keep the lesson interesting but also because this is how we learn best.

If we rely on doing one thing to learn we are creating one memory. Although by repeating this task we will make that memory stronger, our brain still only has one place to go to, in order to find the information that it needs.

However, if the tutor uses a range of learning resources your child is more likely to benefit from having a tutor. This is because each time a different style of resource is introduced, we create a new memory. Doing this ensures that the brain has multiple places to go to when it needs to recall that specific piece of information.

Another consideration when deciding whether tutoring will help you child is, are they motivated when they work in isolation or when they are with their peers.

A child who is inspired when working alongside others may benefit from going to a tutoring centre where there are a group of students (my lad has always been motivated more when working in a library with others around). Those who prefer to work in isolation (just with the tutor) would probably be better going to the tutor’s home or having a tutor come to you so that there are fewer distractions.

There is no definitive answer as to whether tutoring will help your child but if you want to chat further, email me at info@clarajamestutoring.co.uk and we can talk about what might be best for you.

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