Where to advertise tutoring?

Where to advertise tutoring?

Tutors are in the fortunate position of gaining a lot of work through word of mouth. However, this alone will not help you grow a successful tutoring business.

Quality advertising is essential to help you grow a successful tutoring business.

So, how can you achieve high quality advertising to help you grow your business?

The first consideration is who do you want to tutor?

Until you are clear about that, it will be very hard to focus your advertising.

What subject do they want to learn?
What level of study are they needed support with (primary school, secondary school, GCSE’s, A’ Level, University, etc.)?
Where do you want to deliver your tutoring? In your own home, a tutoring centre or their home?

There is an abundance of questions you will need to think about before you are able to think about your marketing. Because until you know exactly who you are aiming your tutoring at, it will be very difficult to make your advertising effective or your company profitable.

It would be like standing in the middle of the local town/city centre and shouting very loudly that you are a tutor.

Maybe someone passing would be interested, but most of the people passing would not be.

So, in order to know where to advertise you need to know where these specific people are that will be interested in what you have to say.

Over the years we have gained a lot of traction from Facebook. We have our Facebook page obviously, but this is predominately so that people can have a sneak peek before getting in touch if someone recommends us in a Facebook group or page.

But through using Facebook ads, we have gained a lot of interest.

The wonders of Facebook ads are that it allows you to target exactly the person you want to focus your advertising at. (If you just boost the post, it is once again like shouting in the town centre) but if you concentrate on and master Facebook ads you can create very effective marketing.

We have also had success with well-designed leaflet drops.

Think about the area in which you want to tutor, think about the type of home, your ideal student would live in and focus your leaflet drop there. It will need to be carried out regularly and the leaflets will need to grab the residents before they reach the bin with it. (That is where most leaflets will sadly ultimately end up).

A regularly updated website with effective SEO (search engine optimisation) and links to Google ads

will be of paramount importance to anyone who is actively looking for a tutor. For most people, as soon as they want to find something out, they will head straight over to Google. You need to make sure that they find you there.


As soon as you set your website live you will be inundated with calls from marketing companies offering to get you a front-page position on Google. Some of these will be scams, so please do ensure you are careful about what you are signing up to.

These marketing companies are also relying on a shout in the street method. They do this in order to be able to justify your spend by stating the huge numbers of impressions your site received. This basically means that a lot of people have waked past your shop front but very few have entered the store. You need people to (metaphorically speaking) enter your store so that you can build a relationship with them and ensure that you are the tutors they inevitably choose when they make their final decision.

This possibly sounds like a lot of hard work, and yes, it is.

If it was easy, everybody would be doing it.
You will learn a lot through Google and there are many free courses available where you can learn a lot more general information about tutoring.

We have put together a free PDF which will help you think about who, how and why you want to tutor. If you would like a copy of it, just send a quick email to: info@clarajamestutoring.co.uk and we will get it to you as soon as possible.

We’ve had a lot of success building a popular tutoring business. Now, we are on a mission to help as many people as possible grow their own successful tutoring business over the next 12 months.

If we can put this information into the hands of more people, more people will have more success.

We know that some people will need more support than they can find just by googling and reading free downloads, so they will come back to us for more help and that’s how we get customers for our tutor training course and new franchisees.

If you want the PDF, don’t forget just send that email now:


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