Ways we will offer support to our franchisees

Ways we will offer support to our franchisees


When you invest in a franchise you want to know that you will receive the support that you need. That is, too a large extent what you are paying the franchise fees for.

Some franchisees may have a history or working in education and feel that it is the running of the business aspect that they require support in. Others may be confident in running a business but less confident about the education/ tutoring aspect of the franchise. Others may require support with both.

Whatever your needs are, we are here to help.

Prior to the intensive week of training in Aylesbury you will receive a introductory manual which will walk you through setting up your bank account, registering with relevant bodies, etc.
Your experience with us would then continue with the intensive week of training in Aylesbury. During this week we would go through everything from marketing (Facebook ads, Google ads, leaflets, a Facebook page to name but a few) and who you might want to market to. We will look at the process to go through when a family gets in touch. Meeting them and ensuring that you can give genuine help and support rather than coming across as a pushy salesperson. We will explore planning the lesson, creating resources, carrying out the lesson, receiving feedback and referrals and using this to grow your business.

The support doesn’t stop there. Once a fortnight we will schedule a phone call with your personal mentor, you can use this time to get the answers to any questions that you may have and talk about goals you have and any support you may need in implementing them.

Comprehensive training manuals will contain a lot of the answers you may seek. You will have a hard copy but also access to the online version in password protected portal. These cover recruiting tutors, all the systems covered in the initial training week, resources, the training to support you with working with those with specific learning difficulties.
The bimonthly printed newsletter will cover a range of things from new resource ideas, books to read to help you grow your business. Successes that other franchisees have had to inspire you to help you grow your business.

Between our fortnightly phone calls, you may come across other questions that you have. Feel free to drop us an email or a text at any time and we will ring you back as soon as possible or reply by text/ email if that is more suitable. We are here to do everything we can to help you and this direct access, we hope will be one of the biggest assets.

Quarterly webinars will provide you with training on specific aspects which people are commonly asking questions about. They will also offer you the opportunity to ask more questions and get support from fellow franchisees.

This one -day events held in the summer months will be a fantastic opportunity to network and learn. Each year the content will vary but key themes will no doubt focus upon getting and keeping students over the summer holidays and back to school campaigns.

In the winter months we will have another networking and training day this will also combine with our annual awards. The awards will provide the opportunity to congratulate and recognise the growth of your business. This will be a brilliant day and you are guaranteed to leave motivated and inspired for the coming year.

Our weekly franchisee’s club email will offer a range of useful information and ideas to grow your business. For example, it may be inspiration from other franchisees and what they have done, or it may be a new resource idea.

The annual one to one meeting is key. This will be your opportunity to meet with us and set your personal targets for both your business and your personal life. We will look at your numbers and the support you will need from us to achieve this and the steps you will need to take to ensure it happens.


Something we pride ourselves in is the fact that one style doesn’t suit all. We will provide you with support in working with both dyslexic and children on the autism spectrum. We will also offer ideas and suggestions on working with children who have other learning difficulties. Though it is always important to that these children are also individuals and can not be categorised by a label. Every child you work with will have their individual skills and preferences, the training we give you will help you to recognise these and respond to them.

For the last few years I have been a member of the Entrepreneur’s Circle in Birmingham. A large part of the success we have achieved is because of the support we have received from them. In order to help you grow your business we provide you with 1 year’s paid membership to give your new business the best possible start in life.

If you want to find out more pop me an email to info@clarajamestutoring.co.uk

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