Tips when tutoring

Suggestions to help you become a successful tutor

Tips when tutoring

There is an abundance of things you need to consider before becoming a tutor and then once you have started tutoring there are an plenty of factors to consider.

These are what I would consider to be the most important tips when tutoring in order to create a successful tutoring business.

Before you begin:

Think carefully about who it is you want to tutor

1) Their age
2) Ability level
3) The subject
4) Their preferred learning styles

Where will the lessons take place?

1) In a tutoring centre
2) In your home
3) In their home
4) Online

Once you are very clear about who you want to tutor, where, how and what you need to be clear about how you are going to

market your tutoring business to these people.

Some suggestions include:
1) Facebook ads
2) Facebook page
3) Google ads
4) Leaflets
5) Google my business
6) Your website

Having established the marketing you are going to focus on the next tip when tutoring you will need to consider is

writing a profile that will make you stand out.

1) What is your background?
2) What is your attitude to tutoring and how children learn?
3) What is special about you?

Now your next consideration are the lessons themselves.

This is where I want to highlight what I would probably deem to be the most important tips when tutoring.






Treat every family that gets in touch as someone you genuinely want to support. The more helpful you can be at this stage, the more likely you are to gain their trust. They will be able to establish whether your values align with theirs. If they trust you and your values are aligned, they will inevitably like you. If they like you, there is a far higher probability that they will request you to be the tutor that they choose to go with.






Be organised. Plan every lesson in advance and share your plans with the parents. The parents are the ones who pay you. If you can build a relationship with you, they will be more inclined to recommend you to others. Their child will sense the respect between you and warm to you more. This will make your life easier.






Ask to be paid in advance. You may want to offer a free lesson first to show that you are reliable. This avoids non-payments and late payments which are far harder to chase after the event.






Ask for testimonials. If you can display that you are as good as you claim to be, you will find it far easier to find students. Word of mouth is one of the best forms of marketing you can have, it’s free and deemed reliable. A good reputation will spread quickly. However, a bad experience will spread even faster, so do be careful and always offer the very best support that you can.


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