Start a Clara James Tutoring Franchise

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Start a Clara James Tutoring Franchise

Have the events of the past few months left you yearning for something different in your life?

Over the past few weeks many families have taken on the role of teacher to their own children.
Some parents are pulling their hair out, others are loving every minute of it.

Maybe it’s the joy of spending time with your children or perhaps it’s something you were born to do. Maybe, it’s both?

Could now be the time to create a new future and do something that you find pride, satisfaction and fulfilment from?

Prior to the lockdown it was suggested that 1 in 3 children in the UK have a tutor to support them with their academic studies.

Parents are still looking for tutors. Very often it’s because they are struggling to support them with their education during this time.

However, more and more people are becoming tutors, so how could you make sure that you stand out in an already over-crowded market?

Who is Clara James?

I started Clara James Tutoring in 2012. My goal at the time was to earn some extra money as a side- line to my part time job to help me cover my bills. Within 6 months it had become a fulltime business. Within 18 months I had more work than I was able to handle.

Over the following paragraphs I hope that you will learn that you can do it to if you want to.

If you have a dream, a goal, an ambition, it can be achieved if you put your mind to it.

In 2012 I was newly separated and just going through divorce.
I had spent most of my adult life working in childcare and education because it fitted in with having 3 young children. However, when we separated, I had to move out of the marital home, so I took a completely unrelated job just to pay the bills.

In my mind I was never going to work with children again. Neither was I ever going back to owning my own business. In the previous years I had worked in playgroups, nurseries, mainstream schools, autism bases, a residential home for children with autism, an NVQ assessor in Early Years and when I lost the house, I had created a fairly successful childminding business in the village.

However, within a couple of months of closing the childminding business and starting in a regular job, I realised how bored I was. I wanted to be creative and have variety in my day. I missed meeting people and supporting their growth.

My degree is in childcare and education, but I’d never had an interest in qualifying as a teacher.

I don’t know now what inspired me, but I can remember the day like it was yesterday. I was decorating the spare bedroom at my mum’s house and I phoned the local college to sign up for the PTTLLS course.

When I had been working as an NVQ assessor I often found that I would be 20 miles away at the same time my own kids would be finishing school. On an almost daily basis I was having to phone the school and ask them to look after my kids until I got there. I’d enjoyed the job, but it just wasn’t practical or fair on the kids. That’s why I’d started childminding, so that I could always be there for them.

Signing up to do the PTTLS course meant that I could go back to supporting adults in passing their NVQ in Early Years. However, I could do it from a college setting which would mean that I had regular hours and could guarantee being at home for my kids.

About 2 weeks into the course I made friends with a lady who had recently started tutoring. She suggested that I might enjoy it.

Because I wasn’t a qualified teacher, I didn’t think it would be practical.

However, the more she spoke about it, the more she sold me the idea.
I decided that I would be able to work with children studying at primary school level. I would also be capable of working with children with specific learning difficulties such as dyslexia, autism, etc.
One Sunday evening when the kids were at their dad’s for dinner, I sat down and wrote a profile for a national tutoring website.

I spoke about the experience I had of working in a variety of educational settings. How I believed people learn through keeping lessons varied and interesting. I spoke about my interest in dyslexia. The importance of boosting confidence and self-esteem.

I set my price at £10 an hour as I didn’t think I was worth any more than that and sat back and waited.

Then a family got in touch.

A friend and I brainstormed everything we would expect from a tutor if we wanted one for our own children.

We decided that we would want the tutor to come to us. We would want access to the lessons plans so that we knew what was been covered in the lessons. Feedback on how the lessons went would also be important to us.
This was the founding basis of the company.

I gradually created a website and received a lot of work through this as people didn’t have to pay for my details. I explained what I did and asked for testimonials to back it up.

When I started, I put a lot of thought into what parents would expect from a tutor.

I combined this with the experience I had with working with such a huge range of people.
Before that first lesson I created a complete lesson plan and sent it to the parents. It included the activities we would do, how and why. The resources I would need. A space for feedback to jot down during the lesson and somewhere that the child could comment on what they felt about the individual activities and the lesson.

I took everything with me that would be needed in the lessons including a starter pack for the child. This was a folder which contained a pad, pencils, pens, everything they may need during the lessons.

This meant the parents had no additional expenses.

I’ve also found that very often the child doesn’t want a tutor.

It’s the parents which instigate it. By providing the child with a gift it helped to break down the barriers.

Using a range of resources and making the lessons enjoyable, also helped knock down these obstacles.
I believe that if we can knock down the barriers the child is in a better state of mind to learn. The more they feel inspired the more they will want to participate. The more they participate the more practice they get. Practice brings improvement and improvement brings confidence. Confidence provides the willingness to have a go and the better they get.

It builds a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Conversations with people suggested I put my prices up. I doubled them.

Within a couple of weeks someone else got in touch. Then another and another.
Not long after, a friend of my ex-husband heard that I was tutoring. She asked if I would be willing to help her daughter with her GCSE maths. At the time I didn’t have the confidence to say no. I said I’d have a go and if they weren’t happy, they could stop at any time. I wouldn’t take offence.

We agreed to try and that summer she got the ‘C’ she had wanted.

This had a huge effect on my reputation as they were well known and well liked in the village.

Over the years I have continued to raise my prices. For the past 7 years I have had a constant waiting list.

A neighbour asked for advice on becoming a French tutor.

We spoke for a couple of hours and I leant her my training folder. I don’t hear from her very often these days as we are both busy. However, I support the daughter of a friend of hers. She has become the most popular French tutor in the town.

A couple of years later, another friend that I had met when my lad played rugby, asked for help in building up her tutoring business.

She had nothing but a drip of work coming in. Now she has a waiting list.
There’s a team of us now working at Clara James Tutoring and we continue to go from strength to strength.
Last year we set about franchising the business. When we set off, we were known as Starr Tutoring. Starr was my maiden name.

As part of the franchise we had to trade-mark the name. Starr Tutoring was contested, so we rebranded and became known as Clara James Tutoring.

Clara is my oldest daughter and my reason for learning about dyslexia. Jamie is my son. James was also my Dad’s middle name. My dad died from a fatal heart attack when I was just 16 years old. He was a huge influence in my life.
The logo is an Angel. Angel is my youngest daughter.

The Franchise Opportunity:

Prior to the lock down we took pride in the fact that we always travel to the student.
However, things have changed. We are now able to offer two levels of support. Online lessons and (once we come out of lockdown) lessons in the student’s home.
We still use a range of resources that are tailor-made to the needs of that specific child. Every lesson is still focused on providing the absolute best support possible.

That is just part of the reason we stand out.

Clara James Tutoring Businesses provide English and Maths tuition for children from reception to the end of GCSE. A lot of the children we work with have some form of specific learning difficulty so you will be given full training on working with a dyslexic or autistic child.

We don’t carry out a formal assessment of the child because we believe that if the first time the child meets the tutor they are given a test to carry out, it is unlikely they will work at the full potential. Instead, the tutor/ franchisee talks to the family and they agree between themselves the areas in which the child needs/ wants to focus. This is used to observe and move forward. The child normally knows what they find hard.

What hours will I work?

Your diary is yours to set, but you must be prepared to do some tutoring on an evening or weekend.

What can I earn?

There are four options available:


Option 1: Be the sole tutor in your business carrying our all your lessons in thc student’s home



If you were to work a 30-hour week and earn £35/hour (depending on area), you could earn £1,050/ week (before expenses) which equates to £4,200/month. Although this is perfectly reasonable, you may choose to dedicate less hours than this to tutoring. It could also be that the demand for work may dictate that you take on tutors to work with you and lighten the load!


Option 2: Employ tutors within your business working purely in the student’s home.


If this is the case, you would expect to pay the tutor £22/hour. If you are charging the parent £35/hour (dependent on area) you will make £13/hour that the tutor works (before expenses). Therefore, as an example, if you have 1 tutor working 15 hours a week for you, you will receive £195/ week before expenses (£780/month).

Tutors working 10 hours each a week would earn you £260/ week before expenses (£1,040/ month). Therefore, it is reasonable to expect that you could have low overheads and a reasonable income in a market where demand is proven to be getting greater, year on year.


Option 3: Be the sole tutor in your business, working purely online.


Working online you will accrue fewer expenses. Therefore, if you were to work a 30-hour week online and earn £25/hour (depending on area), you could earn £750/ week (before expenses) which equates to £3000/month. Although this is perfectly reasonable, you may choose to dedicate less hours than this to tutoring. It could also be that the demand for work may dictate that you take on tutors to work with you and lighten the load!




Option 4: Employ tutors within your business to work with you online.



If this is the case, you would expect to pay the tutor £18/hour. If you are charging the parent £25/hour (dependent on area) you will make £7/hour that the tutor works (before expenses). Therefore, as an example, if you have 1 tutor working 15 hours a week for you, you will receive £105/ week before expenses (£420/month).

Don’t have any business or tutoring experience?

Don’t worry, we are there to support you every step of the way.

Our systems, training and support are designed so that anyone can acquire the skills they need to become the owner-operator of their own successful Clara James Children’s Education Franchise, with no previous experience required.

The advantages of purchasing the Clara James Franchise includes:

tutoring franchise

Great reasons to buy a Clara James Tutoring Franchise

• Low entry cost £8,575 +VAT for everything (during lockdown) that you need including a defined territory, training, a comprehensive starter pack, £1,000 of Google AdWords and Facebook Ads to help you get started
• No fees for the first 3 months!
• A huge demand from those looking for the quality of tutoring that their systems and techniques offer
• Be your own boss. Set your own diary and work your own hours
• Tried and tested marketing campaigns
• Tremendous referral business
• Run your business from home
• Low overheads
• Twice recognised as finalists for a national customer service award and once for getting things done
• Ongoing head office support and training
• Comprehensive training manuals
• Uniforms supplied
• The perfect blend of income and lifestyle

Clara James Tutoring believe that in any business the ability to market business is fundamental. When you strive to constantly improve and be the best tailor-made Children’s Education Franchise there is, marketing becomes a whole lot easier and your business can’t help but succeed!

What training and support is available?



Clara James Tutoring is proud of the training and support that is available to their franchisees – it’s extensive!

Amongst other things you will receive:
• 5-day induction and training
• Courses, webinars, workshops and meetings
• Online training
• 1:1 business reviews
• Support from head office is just a phone call or email away


The Investment:

During lockdown the investment to start a Clara James Tutoring Franchise is just £8575+VAT!

Do you have what it takes to run a Clara James Tutoring Business?

It takes someone special to be a Clara James Tutoring Franchisee. You will need to be willing to carry out some of the tutoring yourself so that when you speak to a potential family you can speak with passion and experience. You can acknowledge them as someone you want to help not just another lead.

In addition, you will be:

• Self-motivated and enjoy hard work
• Entrepreneurial
• Keen to generate income and profit
• Determined to succeed
• Creative
• Organised
• Passionate about building confidence and knowledge in maths & English in those that you work with
• Able to drive
• Customer focused
• Keen to learn
• A people person, able to listen as well as to talk


Only 8 franchises are available each year so that we can guarantee we have the time and resources to offer you the full support and dedication that you deserve.



Decide it’s not for you in the first 3 months. Don’t worry, you’ll recieve 100% of your cash back!

If you sign up for a franchise but then decide by the end of the week’s intensive training that it’s not for you, you will receive all your money back (minus any reasonable expenses such as personalised resources).

Find out more about the Clara James Tutoring Business opportunity and running your own successful Children’s Education Franchise.

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