Homophones and homographs

homophones and homographs

Homophones and homographs

homophones and homographs

More and more emphasis are being put learning different grammatical terms.

Here are two which you’ve possibly heard of, but not sure what the difference is, homophones and homographs.

Here’s what they both mean:

Homophones: words that sound like another word but has a different spelling and meaning.
Homographs: One of two or more words that have the same spelling but differ in origin, meaning, and sometimes pronunciation.

This is a really simple game that I often play in the lessons with children who are learning about these. It also helps with the spelling of these words as you are creating a visual image to associate with each individual spelling.

I bring with me a list of homophones/homographs.

The list might include:

Witch / which
Hour / our
Bear / bare
Here / hear
Eight / ate
Ant / aunt
Piece / peace
Flour / Flower
Bow / bow
Meet / meat
Four / for
Tail / tale
Berry / bury
See /sea
Knight / night
Knew / new
Sale /sail
Eye/ I
Deer / dear
Write / right / white
Blue/ blew

Take it in turns to choose a word from the list. Don’t tell the other person which word you’ve chosen.

Now cover the list up and try to draw your chosen word.

The other person has to try and guess what the word is that you’re (attempting) drawing.

Once they have correctly guessed, you need to write the word next to your picture, making sure you choose the correct spelling / version.

Some of the words will obviously be easier than others to draw but that just adds to the challenge of the game.

Don’t forget this is a game and games should be fun, so remember; if your child makes a mistake, mistakes happen. Ask them if they’re sure they’ve written the correct word (they’ll normally spot it themselves once pointed out), ask them to change it and move on to the next person’s go.

Most importantly, enjoy sharing the time together.

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